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AeroBand Smart Silicone Strings Bluetooth USB MIDI Function Guitar Set

$1,105.00 $1,003.00
Unit price  per 

AeroBand Smart Silicone Strings Bluetooth USB MIDI Function Guitar Set

$1,105.00 $1,003.00
Unit price  per 

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AeroBand Smart Silicone Strings Bluetooth USB MIDI Function Guitar Set

What is AeroBand Guitar?

Experience the ultimate digital guitar with AeroBand HarmonixPro. These pain-free, silicone strings deliver 9 instruments in 1, perfect for aspiring musicians. Connect via Bluetooth or USB MIDI for a seamless performance. Upgrade your music experience with AeroBand HarmonixPro.

This is your complete solution for learning guitar, practicing and creating. Beginners often experience finger pain, struggle with chord practice, and face slow progress, which can lead to a loss of interest when learning the guitar.

However, with two years of dedicated development,AeroBand Guitar has emerged as a game-changer. We've engineered pain-free silicone strings and introduced asofter, gentler approach to playing the guitar, effectively alleviating finger strain and making guitar learning significantly easier.

But AeroBand Guitar is not your typical guitar; it's an all-in-one solution. With support for nine different stringed instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, ukuleles, and even a silent guitar, you'll have a world of musical possibilities at your fingertips. What's more AeroBand Guitar features MIDI output capabilities, transforming it into a versatile MIDI guitar, allowing you to explore endless creative horizons.

Say goodbye to finger pain, slow progress, and waning motivation. AeroBand Guitar is here to revolutionise your guitar learning experience, making it painless, enjoyable and filled with musical exploration.

A Breakthrough Digital Guitar

1.9 Guitar Tones

AeroBand Guitar serves as a versatile instrument offering the capabilities of nine different stringed instruments in one compact device

2.Drum Loop

lt features an integrated drum loop function, allowing you to create rhythm and percussion accompaniments to enhance your music.

3.Sound Card

AeroBand Guitar's sound card supports microphone connection, turning your guitar into a KTV-like experience


it functions as an amplifier, boosting your guitar's sound and providing the necessary volume for performances or practice.

5.MIDI Device

AeroBand Guitar doubles as a MIDI device, enabling youto explore a wide range of digital sound possibilities and integrate with various music production tools.

A Closer Look at AeroBand Guitar

Why do Guitar Beginners Choose AeroBand Guitar

1"Fast-forward" to guitar practice

Whether you're fresh meat or an old hand, AeroGuitar speeds up your learning. Seriously, it's like your skills are on fast-forward.

2.Easy Chord Mode, Unlock, Those Tricky Chords

Can't get that F chord to sound right? AeroBand Guitar's got your back. You'll be a chord wizard in no time even if you're just starting out.

3.Hey Newbies, This One's for You(Game mode)

Nervous about your first strum? AeroBand Guitar makes it comfy and easy. With AeroBand Guitar, every practice is like leveling up in a video game.

Why do Guitar Pros Also Like AeroBand Guitar?

1.DetachableTake it Anywhere

Please bring your AeroBand Guitar on the go. It is easy to preserve and is not affected by temperature and humidity. After disassembly, the length is only 30 inches.You can even put it in a trolley case.

2.MIDI Support

Connect AeroBand Guitar to your computer's DAWS software using the USB MIDI interface, enabling you to create music with AeroBand Guitar in your digital audio workstation.

3 Ways to Use AeroBand Guitar

1.Use AeroBand Guitar only

Insert the neck into the body connector until you hear a click. Complete the quick assembly, then switch it on and you're ready to play.

2.Use with APP

AeroBand Guitar can be used in conjunction with the app for richer functionality, including using the practice/ game mode to assist your guitar practice, simplifying complex chords and setting guitar tones.


AeroBand Guitar supports MIDI and a wide range of music creation software, such as Logic, Cubase and Ableton Live, making your music creation more convenient.

Usage Scenarios

Compact and perfect to take on the road AeroBandGuitar seamlessly fits into your life whether you're at home, camping, hosting gatherings, or traveling, offering a versatile musical experience wherever you are.

What's in the box?

  • 1* AeroBand Guitar

  • 3* Picks

  • 1*Pick Box

  • 1* Type-C Cable

  • 1* USB Cable

  • 1*Stickers

  • 1*Screwdriver

  • 2*Bridge

  • 6*Strings

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